Maria’s Papers

** Nominated for ‘The Desmond Elliott Prize 2013′ and shortlisted for ‘The People’s Book Prize Summer 2013′! **

Based on the true story, the novel follows the tale of Maria Chance who after years of trying to reclaim her rightful ownership of the isolated Whitewall Estate on Wordale Moor, appears at last to be on the verge of success.   But fortune turns against her when she comes up against the brutal and misogynistic Abraham and Caleb Johnson and soon she ends up not only in a fight for land ownership, but for her sanity and for her life.

One hundred and thirty years later, Naomi Draper, the  Head of the local Council’s Historic Research Department, causes a long forgotten document case to be opened, and is plunged into a web of intrigue surrounding ownership of the now named Whitewall Farm.

The devastating revelations discovered in the case cause total panic amongst the senior Council officials and then they, mirroring history, do all in their power to conceal the truth.

But as Naomi and her diverse range of friends and allies begin to unravel the mystery, the murders start, and within a very short while, she too begins to fear for her life.

The novel follows the interweaving account of the two women, who in their quest to discover the truth, have to face men who are prepared to murder, debase, lie, cheat, and sexually abuse in their determination to subjugate and defeat them.

But these are two strong women, one Victorian, one contemporary, and when men begin to assail and denigrate them, they are more than ready to step up to the mark…


**  If you would like to listen to a radio interview originally aired on Stockport’s Pure Radio, or see an eleven minute promo film shot at some of the locations from the book,  click here to access them.  **



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