At last I’m delighted to announce that my latest novel The Hallenbeck Echo will be released on the 28th February 2017. Details and links to follow!

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My 4th novel The Fire Of Mars was released on the 30th January 2015.

Stephen Clegg - Full Cover Spread

It can now be ordered from all major bookstores, and internet suppliers, and it can be ordered from your local public library. If you’d like to purchase it from Amazon the link is here.

The link is here.

I thank everybody who orders it, and I’d love to have any feedback or comments.



Here’s the front cover of my novel ‘The Emergence of Malaterre’  which was released on the 30th of April 2014.

It can be ordered  from, or from where by clicking on the Kindle versions you can also read the first three chapters free of charge. The novel is also available from my publishers Austin Macauleyor any High Street Book Store by quoting ISBN 97818 4963 8258. It can also be ordered from your local library. 


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If you’d like to order this novel from click on this link, or from, click here!  And of course, it can be purchased from my publishers and any High Street Book Store. Alternatively it can be ordered from your local library.

***For all of my American friends and readers, I am delighted to announce that my books are now available in the USA. They can be ordered in paperback or  ‘Nook ‘ eBook from Barnes & Noble.   

Please visit my other website to access anything else that I have written.  I will still maintain this website which will be specifically dedicated to ‘Maria’s Papers,’ but the new one will contain details about everything that I’ve written, and it will be kept up to date with all the latest news etc.

And for those interested -

I have completed writing the fifth novel in the series, The Hallenbeck Echo’. This was my most ambitious project so far and it features Naomi, and her band of intrepid friends, as piece-by-piece, they start to uncover some truly horrific and disturbing secrets from a hidden pre-war research facility in the north of England.

Now I am writing my sixth outing with Naomi Wilkes and her friends; it is named ‘The Monkshead Conspiracy’.