Publisher Letter

Dear Sir/Madam,

Austin & Macauley Publishers are pleased to introduce to you one of our latest and most exciting
publications of which has already been converted to a screenplay by four-time Emmy award Producer
Steve Robitaille.

Maria’s Papers is the outstanding publication by Stephen F Clegg, one of our most exciting clients on our
books as of yet! He has composed this entwining tale based on a true story on his great aunt ‘Maria
Clegg’, of who has held a secret hidden in a diary discovered by a young Stephen and turned in to this
five star publication before you.

A compelling and gripping historical modern drama full of unexpected twists leaving the reader at the edge of their
seats with anticipation.
Based on a true story, the once-wealthy Chance family is swindled out of their Whitewall Estate in the mid-1700s and
the truth isn’t discovered for nearly ninety years. In 1850 Maria Chance promises her dying father to put this injustice
to rights, and is thereafter plunged into some extraordinarily dangerous and terrifying situations in mid-Victorian
Britain that threaten not only her life, but her sanity too. One hundred and fifty years later, Naomi Draper, the Head of
the local Council’s Historic Research Department, causes a long forgotten document case to be opened, and she too
is immediately plunged into a web of intrigue surrounding ownership of the now named Whitewall Farm. As she and
her diverse range of friends and allies begin to unravel the mystery, it soon becomes apparent that some very
powerful people don’t want the truth disclosed, and that they are prepared to do anything to suppress it.
Stephen Clegg has delivered this compelling tale to a rewarding standard to the reader. With an engrossing plot, the
authors literary prose will intrigue the mind until the final page.

‘Maria’s Papers’ is available through Amazon, Austin & Macauley, Waterstones, Adebooks, Foyles,
Booktopia, Alibris, Borders and many more!

On top of all of this Stephen will be having a very exciting and packed itinerary in USA this coming
autumn… More to follow!

Both Stephen and I hope you enjoy ‘Maria’s Papers’ and look forward hearing about your ‘Maria’
experience… Will you find her within?

Kind regards,

Brett Sanderson
Head of Marketing
Austin & Macauley

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